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Of September and Squash

There was a spaghetti squash in my community supported agriculture share last week. It was the first of the winter squashes to appear, and as the weeks continue, we'll get fewer and fewer summer squashes and lots more winter squashes. Zucchinis, delacatas, and patty pans will be replaced by butternuts, acorns, and pie pumpkins. 

September is a month of transition, and not just in the squash department. As we shift from summer to autumn, cooler days begin to mix in with warmer days. The days grow noticeably shorter as we approach the September 22 equinox, with the sun rising later and setting earlier each day. Colored leaves begin to appear mixed with the green leaves. We begin to make preparations for the coming winter, perhaps having our furnace or chimney cleaned, putting up storm windows, or canning tomatoes from the garden.

Of course fall is also the time of "back-to-school," and while that looks very different this year than it has ever looked, it's a reminder that we're transitioning from the more outwardly focused, carefree days of summer to the more inwardly focused, quiet seasons of autumn and winter. In this time of self-reflection and study, I am personally looking forward to participating in two continuing education activities: an online weekend retreat with beloved Buddhist master Pema Chodron, and a year-long Level 1 Sanskrit Studies telecourse with Manorma. I look forward to sharing what I learn with all of you. 

Satsang Yoga is offering two opportunities this fall for you to engage in some study and self-reflection as well. Jen McCarter is offering a virtual workshop called "Transition to Fall with Yoga and Ayurveda" on September 26.

And I am offering a virtual course called "Mindfulness for Everyday Life: An 8-Week Course from 7:00--9:00pm. We'll meet on Wednesday evenings, September 9--October 28,

I hope you can spend some time observing the many transitions September brings, and perhaps notice shifts or transitions happening within yourself as well. And maybe you can find some time to check out this delicious recipe for Spaghetti and Italian Vegan Meatballs from one of my favorite recipe websites, The Simple Veganista. You can use spaghetti squash or pasta!

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