Monthly Friday Fundraiser Flow & Saturday Satsang

May Donations to benefit Berea Animal Rescue

Each month we typically offer a Friday Fundraiser Flow & Saturday Satsang by cash donation to benefit local charities and non-profits. This month, since we cannot meet in person for our fundraiser classes due to the Covid-19 outbreak, you're encouraged to make a donation directly to our May organization, the Berea Animal Rescue.

Berea Animal Rescue is a no-time-limit animal rescue providing shelter, love and care for stray and homeless animals for as long as it takes to place them into forever homes.

They receive no federal or municipal funding and are supported solely through adoptions, fundraisers and donations from generous supporters. 

May Virtual Workshop via Zoom

Introduction to the Chakras & Chakra Tuning Class with Jennifer Lenhart

“A chakra is a doorway through which we perceive reality. Our ability to see into the various dimensions of reality is reflected in the energetic ease or dis-ease found in our relationships.

The disease of feeling disconnected from oneself and others is pervasive in our time.”

-Sharon Gannon

Yoga tradition teaches that we have five bodies known as the koshas. These five bodies encase our true Self in a vehicle known as upadhi. The seven Chakras are the centers of the energetic body (pranamaya kosha) and relate karmically to the various relationships we have with ourselves, with others, and with the earth. When Chakras are imbalanced, blocked, or out of tune we are prevented from realizing our true Self. 

During this 2-hour workshop, we begin with an introduction to the Chakras and then explore these seven doors of perception—from the root to the crown— in a special Chakra tuning class that will incorporate elevated intention, asana, pranayama, bija (seed) mantra, and meditation. 

Through these various techniques, we will work on tuning or purifying the Chakras by energetically inhabiting each of these seven centers and addressing the disconnect in our relationships. We may come to understand the possible root causes of our emotional, mental, and physical challenges. This practice encourages healing and a change in perception to make way for discovering our higher Self. $30

Register through Mindbody, then the Zoom login info will be emailed to you. 


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