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A Community of the Heart

The Sanskrit word Satsang is a community of seekers after the Truth (with a capital “T”). “Sat” means Truth, and “sang” means community. In simpler terms, it is a spiritual community. As we travel along the spiritual path, with whom we keep company makes a difference.

Satsang is about being part of a community of like-minded seekers. The people in your satsang are the people you’ll make the biggest spiritual discoveries with. They are the people who will support you most on your journey, and you, in turn will support them. Ram Dass says the reason we’re here is “to walk each other home.” Deep, meaningful connections are formed when we become part of a community of the heart.

But it’s not just about having spiritual insights or making new spiritual discoveries — satsang is about community. It’s a family of the heart, a soul family. Satsang is about generosity of spirit too — getting together to discuss elevated topics, to meditate, to study the teachings of yoga, to practice yoga asana, to share food, tea, and stories, to chant mantras. Being in community with fellow Truth-seekers keeps us in touch with our hearts and with our souls. Satsang reminds us not to get so caught up in the dramas of day-to-day life, and to remember the highest aim of yoga, which is enlightenment.

Gathering with our satsang keeps us close to our spiritual teachers or our gurus, even if they’ve left their physical bodies (or if they’re physically far from us). We're reminded of their teachings and of their example. My teacher Sharon Gannon says the best thing we can do to uplift our own lives is to do all we can to uplift the lives of others, and so doing selfless service to benefit others, donating to charitable causes and organizations, and doing what we can to care for Mother Earth and all of her beings is important work of the satsang too.

Spiritual paths are many, but like rivers, they all run toward the same Ocean of Grace, toward Truth. All are welcome with open minds and open hearts. Let us gather to support one another and walk each other home.

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